Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Home Grown .....

Well, it has been a bit on the cool side here for a couple of days; still nice and sunny but not hot, the way I like summer weather!
I was out of town last weekend for a nice visit with an old friend and her hubby.  They lived in a rural environment for several years but last summer they moved into the city.  They now live in a fourth floor condo but that hasn’t stopped them from growing lots of lovely fresh salad fixings right on their balcony.
Doesn't it look yummy?
The results are really quite impressive and we enjoyed a very tasty mixed salad, with the ingredients all freshly picked from their ‘container garden’.   It’s quite amazing what you can do with just a few containers, a handful of seeds and a bit of effort.
Bye for now, Nan

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  1. Gee, thank you, my dear Friend ...... as always, Hubby and I really, REALLY enjoyed your visit !! ...... You are correct, it really is surprising what we have been able to grow on a tiny 5 X 8 foot balcony. .... We have surprised even ourselves. .... Green onions, spinach, 4 kinds of lettuce, yellow mini pear tomatoes, mini red tomatoes, purple peppers, and 8 different types of spices ..... not to mention the eatable flowers ...... plans for even bigger and better things next year !!!