Sunday, 26 July 2015

Childhood Memories ....


While browsing through a local antiques market a while back, I found an old tin dollhouse just like the one I had over 60 years ago.  It appeared to be in pretty good condition for its age and the price was very, very good so of course, I bought it.


I think I would have received my childhood house at Christmas time in 1953 and I actually still have some of my own original pieces of furniture so I have been having fun placing them in my little house and happily recalling the joy that playing with my dollhouse gave me as a young child.

I will have to look for some affordable pieces to replace a few of my own that have gone missing over the years and one piece that is broken so I am looking forward to having fun searching out the replacements for these items.

In the kitchen, I still need to find a refrigerator to match the stove and sink units.  Those pieces as well as the table and chairs were mine from years ago.  I have added a few 'vintage look' modern miniature pieces to add to the mood of the room.

The master bedroom has twin beds, reminiscent of the 50’s.  (I suppose the current residents of my little house don’t use the fireplace in there as the large double dresser has been placed in front of it).
The bathroom is still very much a work in progress.  The toilet is broken so I need to find both a bathtub and new toilet to match the original sink. 

So far, all I have in the nursery is a playpen, a pushcart and a tiny wooden train set (the train is modern but has a retro look).  I will be searching for a vintage crib and bathinette for this room.
The livingroom just has some furniture odds and ends right now and everything is a different colour.  (I guess the current residents must have a very eclectic taste in furniture!) Some pieces were mine and some I found at an antique sale but this room will likely undergo some changes as I find more pieces that would have been original to this type of dollhouse.

This dollhouse also reminds me of how much times have changed as I'm sure no modern dollhouse would have a lithographed fireplace with a rifle hanging on it!

I am enjoying this fun bit of nostalgia and and I must say that I like my dollhouse today nearly as much as I enjoyed my original one so many years ago .... maybe even more!!

Have a good day, everyone!
Nanny Anny