Monday, 5 August 2013

Hello Everyone!

Well … here goes!  My first foray into Blogland!  Not sure how this will turn out but after much contemplation, have decided to just ‘give it a go’ and see what happens.  As an opening post, I thought I’d just explain a bit about me.
I’m a widow, in my 60’s, and am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  I like to spend what free time I have doing Genealogical research (mostly England and Scotland) and trying to piece together the story of my ancestry.  
Home to me now is a small town in Ontario, Canada (recently moved from a busy city) and I’m sort of semi-retired .… meaning I do work but only my part-time job is out in the ‘real world’.  My full-time job is mostly done from home which suits me just fine.
I do a bit of  scrapbooking (should do a lot more, considering the number of boxes of photos I have collected over the years!) and I enjoy making and collecting 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures, when time and resources allow.

I love books (worked in a bookstore for 8 years and loved every minute of it) and read whenever I get a spare minute or two but really enjoy ending the day with a lovely long read before going to sleep.
Bargain hunting (love rummaging through thrift/charity shops) and yard-sale shopping are enjoyable pursuits of mine and even though I worked in retail for many years, am not one to pay full price for anything, preferring to buy second-hand or if that’s not an option, then buying new at bargain basement prices only.

 Well, that’s me in a nutshell.

Now I wonder where this blogging journey will take me.
Tune in tomorrow and see!

 Bye for now …. Nan



  1. Hello Nanny Anny! Thank you for following me, and I'd like to follow you o. Your blogging journey too ...

    Good luck!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Me again! How do I follow you, please? I can't find the button .... X

    1. Welcome Thriftwood! Lovely of you to stop by. I enjoy your blog and hope to get this figured out soon so I can try to do a decent job on mine. Still not sure how to add the 'followers' button; found a gadget/widget? that lets readers follow via email but I haven't figured anything else out yet.

  3. Google have removed the easy to press followers button, much to everyone's annoyance. If you want to follow someone, grab their home url 'address' from the bar at the top of their blog and add it to your reading list. ie go to your own dashboard and on the left will be your reading list. There is an add button at the top, press that, paste in the url you have just copied, then press the follow button.
    Hopefully that makes sense. Welcome to my blog by the way!