Friday, 3 January 2014

A Brand New Year ....

Belated Happy New Year greetings to everyone!! 

Well, I've been thinking about resolutions but it seems they have a habit of falling by the wayside very quickly so I needed to come up with some other ideas for taking some positive steps in 2014.

There are a number of sort of long-term projects that I have on the go but I don't seem to have any regular schedule for working on them so I have decided to try and remedy that situation.

I have several decades' worth of photographs that I need to sort through and arrange in scrapbooks instead of leaving them to languish in numerous cardboard boxes.

I have a lovely, big 1:12 scale dollhouse that needs to have floors finished and wallpaper applied to the walls.

I have a rather large Family History database that needs to be printed out and arranged in a binder along with the relevant photos and certificates so the information can actually be read and enjoyed.

And I have a blog that I started way back in August and haven't posted on it since then! 

So I think I will focus on just making a promise to myself to work on each of these projects once a week for starters and see how I get along.  Seeing progress in any of these areas will, hopefully, encourage me to want to work more often on them. 

Also, I need to be more dedicated to monitoring the food and fitness areas of my life. I need to shed some pounds and generally tone up so that is something else to work on in the coming months.

A little vignette on my bookshelf.
I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations.  I had a lovely time with family and friends ..... lots of fun and good food, some lovely gifts and some nice quiet time, all the while trying to remain mindful of the reason for the season.  Now it's time to pack away all the decorations for another year and get back into a regular routine.

Best Wishes to All .... Nanny Anny