Sunday, 17 May 2015

Trying Again ....

Oh my goodness, has it really been a whole year since I wrote a post for this blog?  I think instead of trying to play catch up, I'll just re-start with what's been happening recently.  And hopefully, I can blog more often this time around!

I signed up to take a piece-quilting course so for the past few weeks I have been spending my Thursday evenings in the company of 2 other ladies learning how to piece a log cabin lap quilt.

The process was a steep learning curve for me but I must say that I enjoyed every class and learned something new in every part of the course.  I had never used a rotary cutter before so that was a skill I had to master before I could really get going on the project.  Fortunately we had a lovely, patient teacher who guided us every step of the way from choosing our fabrics right up to putting our quilts together. 

Twenty-four squares were joined together; here they are ready and waiting to have to have the borders sewn on.  

Another step in the process was using the chalk pencil and template to mark the design to be stitched.  I love the little heart; there is one in each of the corners.  The colour is off in this photo, though.  It must be the lighting because it looks almost purple and it is really burgundy and pink.  

My almost finished project is now set up on a frame at our local Seniors' Centre, where it will be quilted.  And here I am. learning another stage of the process.  Sure is challenging to make those stitches so small and even!  

All in all, it has been a great experience .... challenging myself to learn some new skills, enjoying the fellowship of the other ladies and best of all, I will have a lovely new quilt to snuggle under while reading or watching television.  

Have a good day, everyone!
Nanny Anny

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  1. That is one beautiful quilt! Ya done good :-)