Saturday, 5 April 2014

Maple Syrup Festival

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Maple Syrup Festival in Elmira, Ontario today.
This year marks the event's 50th Anniversary and although it was a bit chilly, it wasn't raining or snowing.  

Of course, my first priority was to head for the main food tent where I had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and locally produced maple syrup.  


Then I enjoyed a leisurely wander around the outdoor craft and food stalls set up along the town's main street. There were lots of creative people showing and selling their handiwork.  
                             I really liked these photographs arranged to spell words.
                                    This one was all ready to smile for the camera.

                                                    Some other lovely craftwork.
I love these old baby carriages on display at the antique show. 
There was some interesting food to sample, like these unusual one-piece potato chips! 


Further along the main road, the sap was being boiled in big kettles over an open fire.

And the star of the show ...... jugs of sweet, golden maple syrup.

More than 2000 people volunteer during this annual one-day festival and profits from the day's events are distributed to charities and organizations within the local community.
It's a fun-filled day for the entire family and well worth a visit if you live in the area.




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