Thursday, 13 March 2014

Snowstorm yesterday ... sunshine today!

Well, the sky is blue and the sun is shining again after yesterday’s snowstorm.  The snow banks along the streets are still very high; it’s going to take some time for it all to melt, even when it finally warms up to that stage.  It has been a very cold winter here with far too many days when the temperature has registered in the -20’s or even colder with the wind chill factor.  I’m definitely ready for some warm, sunny days!  Come on Spring!!


With that in mind, I have been busy sorting through my winter clothes and have set aside everything that I did not wear this year.  I figure the chances are good that if it didn’t get worn this year, then it won’t be worn next winter either so it’s all getting bundled off to the local thrift shop.  No sense storing it when I’m pretty sure it’s all surplus to requirements.

I had a comment from a bloggy friend who noticed there were no current posts and wondered if all was well.  Yes Mum, I'm pleased to say that everything is fine but thank you so much for your comment and for noticing my absence.  I shall try very hard to keep up a bit better and get into the 'blogging mood' more often. 
Have a good day everyone!  from Nanny Anny



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